Our Quality

It is our mission to offer you long-lasting shirts that make you look great and that create a positive impact for the environment and the people who make them. Here you learn what what makes the CARPASUS quality so unique.

Organic & low-impact raw materials

We use natural materials such as cotton or linen for our shirts. These raw materials mostly come from organic farming, in which neither genetically modified seeds, no pesticides, no herbicides nor synthetic fertilizers are used. Instead, natural fertilizers are used in organic farming and crop rotation is practiced. In this way, the soils of the cultivated areas remain fertile and the health of the farmers who grow the raw materials is protected. In addition organic farming uses less water and emits less CO2 compared to conventional farming practices.

In case of linen we decided to prioritise the use of flax that is grown in Europe rather than in far-off places like China in order to keep the transport distances short - even though this means the flax we use is not always grown organically. Learn more about our linen shirts here.

Quality you feel on your skin

We work with the best weaving mills in Europe. They process our raw materials into high-quality fabrics and shirts. Our partners are Portuguese, Belgium, German and Austrian weavers that are specialised in the production of shirt fabrics. You can feel the quality of these fabrics on your skin.

We pay attention to environmentally friendly processing in the production of our fabrics. Strong environmental standards must be adhered when dyeing, weaving and finishing the fabrics.

Specialised manufacturers

When processing the fabrics, we work together with European manufacturers who are specialised in shirt production. They purely focus on the production of shirts. Thus, they have all the machinery, the know-how, the experience, the supplier network and the skills to produce high-quality shirts. Our shirts are sewn by our selected partners in Portugal and Bosnia. Find out more about our partners here.

Timeless design

When it comes to choosing fabrics, patterns and cuts we don’t run after every trend but focus on timeless designs. This way you can wear our collections and look great for a very long time!

It's in the details!

No Shrinkage thanks to Pre-Washing

Our shirts are pre-washed when they leave our manufacturing partners. This means that you will have no bad suprises when you wash your shirts at home for the first time. The shirts keep their shape and their size after the first washing. However, we ask you to you wash the shirts according to our washing instructions and do not dry-tumble them. For more information on how to take care of your shirts, please read our blog post.

Easy-to-care shirts

Our shirts are very easy to care for. They can be washed at 40° C and are easy to iron. Our dress shirts are made of light fabrics that underwent a special finishing treatment that guarantees a particular easy ironing expierience.

If you want to know how to best care for your shirts, check out our blog post for recommendations on how to wash, iron and store your shirts.

Hemline with gusset

We put our focus on creating a product which is long lasting: that’s why the seams of the CARPASUS shirts are very closely sewn and the hemline of the shirts have a gusset on both sides for better durability.

Mallard duck embroidery

On the left sleeve of our shirts you will find a little mallard duck embroidery. The mallard (French: canard col vert) is the symbol of CARPASUS. The mallard duck lives in harmony with nature on land, in the water and in the air and symbolizes the elegance, spirit, flexibility it needs for working together and living with different cultures.

Horizontal button hole

Every last button hole of the CARPASUS shirt is horizontally embroidered in green. The horizontal position prevents the button from opening by itself while being tucked into the pant. The green color is supposed to remind you of wearing a very special shirt.

Removable collar stays

Our dress shirts are equipped with removable collar stays made of Swiss FSC maple wood. They keep your collar stiff and at the right place. You should remove them before washing.

Thermo-fused corozo buttons

All of our buttons are made from natural corozo. Our dress shirts are additionally equipped with thermo-fused button stems by the Ascolite® TF system. In this way, button loss is prevented and the button moves through the buttonhole much more easily.

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