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CARPASUS is THE Swiss shirt brand that combines style, quality and sustainability. We make shirts from organic cotton and organic linen that look great and do good to the environment and the people who make them.

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Style comes naturally.

Certified Organic Materials

We only use natural materials that were cultivated organically such as organic cotton and organic linen. This means that no GMO seeds, no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers were used when growing the raw materials for our clothes. Farmers apply organic manure, use natural pest management practices and crop rotation in order to protect soils and the health of farming people.

Made in Europe

Our clothes are made under fair working conditions in Europe. The large parts of our fabrics and shirts are manufactured in Portugal. Another part as well as our made-to-measure shirts are produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Manufacturing in Europe is important to us in order to keep the transport distances short and to maintain craftsmanship and knowledge of textile production in Europe. We maintain close relationships with our partners and only work with manufacturers that offer fair working conditions to their employees.

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