Our shirts are made with the best raw materials which are produced and processed in their origin countries under fair conditions for both nature and people. Learn more about our raw materials here:


Carpasus verwendet für die Hemden Bio Baumwolle aus nachhaltiger Produktion


The percentage of organically cultivated cotton is still only around 0.5% of the world’s cotton cultivation. Yet organic cotton has many advantages: by going without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, organic farmer as well as flora and fauna are no longer threatened by the toxic side effects.

Organic cotton cultivation causes 46% less CO2 emission than conventional cotton cultivation.

Organic farmers are encouraged to more independence: by using the cotton seeds of one harvest a second time, they don’t need to invest into genetically modified seeds, fertilizer and pesticides.

Furthermore, organic farming is supposed to work with crop rotation, monocultures are forbidden. Besides cotton, organic farmers cultivate corn, soy or wheat and are therefore able to compensate losses and improve their living.

The organic cotton we use for our shirts is GOTS certified and comes from organic farmers in Tansania, India or Turkey. Learn more about our partner here.

Find further detailed information about the advantages of organic cotton in our blog post.


Carpasus verwendet Garn aus recycelter Baumwolle für die Hemden


Since the cultivation and reprocessing of cotton takes so much resources, we think it’s crucial to use yarns from recycled cotton as much as possible.

Those yarns come from old clothes and leftover fabrics. Recycling is the future of the textile industry because it’s untenable to continue using up resources for cultivating new materials.

Using recycled cotton helps to save water, energy and pesticides. So far there is only a limited offer of recycled cotton yarns on the market and often the quality isn’t good enough for the shirt production.

At the moment, our shirts Bernina, Julier and Umbrail are partially made of recycled organic cotton. 


Carpasus verwendet Bio-Leinen für die Hemden


Linen is one of the oldest textile materials with plant-based origin and is much appreciated until today for its many qualities.

Due to the fibre’s smooth surface structure, linen insulates little and therefore always feels fresh and cool. At the same time it absorbs humidity and wicks it away from the skin which supports the natural body climate. Its easy crinkled look has made it so popular for outerwear and also gives our shirts that very special style.

Our organic linen is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and manufactured in Portugal.

This standard guarantees that no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds or toxic chemicals are being used. Of course it also contains social commitments such as fair payment for the employees, humane working conditions and the prohibition of child labor.




Our collar stays are made in southern Germany made from FSC certified swiss maple wood grown in Bergün / Canton of Graubünden.



Carpasus Hemden haben Knöpfe aus Corozo Steinnuss


Our buttons are made from Corozo and manufactured in Portugal.

The Corozo or Tagua nut is the seed of one of the oldest palm tree species, mainly growing in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest.

Their habitat are swampy, humid areas up to 1800 metres above sea level. The Tagua palm tree produces about 20 fruits in head size per year, each of which contains 60-80 Corozo nuts. 

They can be elaborated to uncountable different items such as craftwork pieces, pearls, or buttons. It can be cut, pressed, heated, burned, lasered or bleached.

Three kilograms of raw material are needed for one kilogram of buttons. It never loses its natural marbling and is the only natural product which can be colored in any shade. Even the heating iron and washing machines don’t destroy the buttons.

The Corozo nut has become a hugely important economical factor in its origin countries of the rainforest and their production has even banned the deforestation.



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