The flannel shirt - a farmer's shirt becomes an everyday favourite

So many different pictures pop up in our mind when we think of flannel shirts! Most people probably see bearded lumberjacks sitting at campfires in front of Canadian block houses. Others are immediately reminded of Indie- and Grunge bands - most likely of Kurt Cobain - the Grunge hero of the late 80ies and early 90ies. Today both colourful checked pattern flannels and discreet single colour styles belong to the modern guy's off-duty wardrobe. And also the ladies love to wear a fluffy flannel shirt for the perfect "boyfriend-look".


Origin and production

"Flannel" stems back to the Welsh word "gwlan" which means wool. More than hundred years ago shirts made of flannel fabrics spread from Europe to North America and have been worn by farmers and forestry workers who appreciated their unique qualities.
Wool and cotton flannel fabrics stand out due to their tumbled, napped surface. The short pile includes air which gives the flannel fabric its typically warming and comfy character. The pile even absorbs moisture and makes flannel shirts the perfect work- and outdoor shirts.


Easy-care shirts

Flannel shirts are the ideal companion because they are easy to care: washable at 30-40 degrees and put on a hanger to dry they don't need to be ironed. Some pilling and a bit of fluff is totally normal and can be brushed off easily.


CARPASUS nachhaltige Bio Baumwolle Flanell Hemden

CARPASUS flannel shirts

For our new autumn/winter collection we've created some new flannel styles: you will find an additional colour in our "Populus" range alongside the popular earthy shades of last season. The new style "Ursido" is made of a slightly heavier organic cotton flannel and comes with button-down collar in three fabulous colours: bordeaux, moss and navy.
As an homage to our summer favourite "Lisbon" with stand-up collar we've now created the autumn version of it: "Scurido" is made of a slightly lighter organic linen-cotton mix - still with the unique flannel touch and in four natural shades.
"Melo" comes in this linen-cotton mix as well, which makes the flannel shirts more pleasant to wear inside heated rooms. With its classic button-down collar and the stripy pattern it is easy to be styled both casually and for business occasions.
All our high quality flannel shirts are made of certified organic cotton and linen. All fabrics are GOTS certified and woven in Portugal. The shirts are handcrafted by the best weavers and manufacturers in Europe under fair working conditions.


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CARPASUS sustainable organic cotton flannel shirts 

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