Linen Shirts

We love linen!

No other natural material is better suited for the warm months of the year to keep you cool and make you look good at the same time. Hence it's our preferred fabric for our spring and summer shirts. We offer you a wide range of high-quality linen shirts in various designs and styles.

Style comes naturally!

In 2015 we started our brand CARPASUS in Zurich. From the start it was our mission to drive the fashion industry towards more social and environmental sustainability. It is therefore only natural that all our linen shirts are made from certified organic linen which means that no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers are used to grow the raw linen material. The fabrics and the shirts are manufactured under fair working conditions by our long time partners in the North of Portugal. Our shirts want to make you look great and do good to the environment and the people who produce them. Discover our shirts yourself and become part of the CARPASUS journey!

The right choice in Summer

When it gets really hot, no other material feels so comfortable on your skin like linen! This natural material is soft, light and airy. And additionally you just look great and stylish in a linen shirt! Try on our linen shirts and enjoy a cool, stylish summer!

Organic Linen Shirts

Linen is a material that has been used for thousands of year to produce clothing. It is a strong fibre with many natural qualities that make it the best material for summer shirts. Learn more about this amazing natural product and why we only use organically grown linen to make our fabrics.

Made in Portugal

Our linen shirts are made by our long time partners in the North of Portugal. The production in Europe is important to us in order to keep the transports short and protect the heritage and know-how of tailoring and manufacturing in Europe. We work with suppliers that treat their employees fairly and responsibly.