Misty Forest & Winding Roads Campaign Shooting

August 2019, Graubünden, somewhere in the Swiss Alps.
A photographer, two models, two assistants and CARPASUS founder René are looking for the perfect spot to shoot two collections of shirts.
Tricky detail: it's a summer and a winter collection. Luckily, the weather in the mountains sometimes changes hourly.
This way the guys were able to create two completely different moods:
Misty Forrest for Fall/Winter 2019 and Winding Roads for Spring/Summer 2020.
The pictures were taken at lake Cresta, Albula mountain pass and in the city of Chur.
We would like to share some making-of pictures with you, which we think are just too beautiful to hide.
Many thanks to Yves Bachmann (photographer), Fritz Gräber and Kaspar Schiesser (models), Victoria Gehriger and Nicolas Panchaud (assistants)!

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