How to take care of your CARPASUS Shirt

At CARPASUS we highly value creating a long lasting product. We want you to enjoy wearing our shirts and have as little work as possible when it comes to care. On our website you'll find more info about our materials and quality. This blog post gives you some practical advice on how to take care of your shirts.


Our shirts can be washed at 40°C. To save energy we recommend to wash them at 30° C. Before you put your shirts into the machine, make sure to remove all collar stays, fold up the collar, turn the shirts inside out and close all buttons. This way your shirts keep their shape and are easier to iron afterwards. Use mild detergents, it's more eco-friendly and also saves the fabrics. Make sure you take the shirts out of the machine as soon as the washing is done - it makes ironing so much easier.


Our shirts can be dried in the tumbler. However, we recommend to air-dry the shirts: it's a lot more ecological and the quality of the fabric lasts much longer. Just take your shirts out of the machine, put them on hangers and slightly stretch them into shape at the button strip. Ideally you start ironing your shirts while they're still damp. If you still wish to use the tumbler, use the most gentle setting at a low temperature.


You get the best results when you iron your shirts while they're still slightly damp. If that's not possible, use a steam iron. All of our cotton and linen shirts can be ironed at medium temperature. Leave the shirt still inside out for ironing, it helps to maintain the quality and avoid ironing sheen.

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